About the Artist

Judith D'Agostino (Gina Rossi)was born and lived in Rhode Island during her early childhood. At age twelve, she moved to Italy with her family. This move would cement her love of the arts and in particular, her love of painting which has continued throughout her life. Judith enjoyed drawing as a child, but fell in love with painting when her mother gave her a set of oils and canvas during her recuperation from a childhood illness. Inspired by the great masters she was able to see in the museums of Europe, she returned to the United States to continue her studies in art. D'Agostino received a BFA with Honors from the University of Hawaii and shortly thereafter an MFA in Painting from the University of Arizona. She taught at the university level for several years and retired as Director of Education at the Tucson Museum of Art in 2001. Judith moved to New Mexico in 2010 and most recently has moved back to Tucson where she enjoys milder winters and reconnecting with the vibrant creatives of the area. She will return to Santa Fe each year for six months as she participates in many of the art events and sales opportunities of the city. Judith paints every day enjoying the camaraderie of other artists, writers and performers of Santa Fe and Tucson. Judith D'Agostino is in several prestigious corporate collections and her work is collected worldwide.